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The enduring power of the printed newsletter

"Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." Mark Twain, 1897.

People have been saying that printed newsletters are dead. Why? Because they feel that all they have to do is post their newsletter online and everyone will flock to their site to read it. Postage keeps going up... but email is free!

With that logic, printed newsletters should have died a long time ago, but a funny thing happened on the way to the funeral. The printed newsletter suddenly became Lazarus and a resurrection took place.

Five reasons why printed newsletters are better

  1. It's proven that most people prefer to hold, touch and feel what they are reading.
  2. Printed mail gets delivered. It's not blocked or spammed out.
  3. Studies show that the retention of reading online is much less compared to printed material.
  4. A printed newsletter has more perceived value and relays a personal touch, especially if it's well designed.
  5. Printed newsletters have great 'hang-time'. People keep them for further or future reading. Not only are they likely to be read thoroughly, they usually get passed around.

Emailed newsletters have major downsides

The vast majority of newsletter emails are not read. Everyone is bombarded by email overload and spam accounts for about 90% of it. That means 9 out of every 10 emails in your in box is junk. Even if your emailed newsletter gets read, how much attention do you think it gets? A Nielsen Norman Group Report revealed the typical email newsletter gets 51 seconds of your reader's time. That was several years ago. Today, many say its less than 30 seconds.


We're passionate about the printed newsletter and we'd love to provide you with an estimate for yours. Think twice before you have it photocopied at copy centre or big box store. You will be pleasantly surprised at our pricing and the print quality will be way better.