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Letterhead can be used for more than just letters. Using pre-printed letterhead to imprint reports, invoices, statements, and many other business printing needs adds a touch of professionalism to your company.

Digital or offset?

Foto Print offers two types of printing: hd digital & offset. Digital printing is more economical for small quantities and, thanks to our new digital press, small quantities of letterhead can now be printed economically in beautiful, laser friendly, full colour. Unlike other digital printers, the new oil and silicone free dry ink, which is formulated with renewable and organic components, means that printed material can be fed back through a laser printer or photo copier.


As letterheads vary in colours with many different paper choices, please email us at info@fotoprint.ca or request an estimate.

If you have an existing letterhead, we may need a sample in order to estimate it accurately.