Fotoprint Ltd.
975 Pandora Avenue
Victoria, BC V8V 3P4

P250 382 8218
F250 382 9952
TF1 888 382 8211

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Customer service, general:

Phone: 250-382-8218
Fax:  250-382-9952
Toll Free:  1-888-478-5553

Customer service, specific:

Gabrielle: 250-382-8218 ext.105

Susan: 250-382-8218 ext.115

Connie: 250-382-8218 ext.103


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Senior Management:

Sam Soliman: 250-382-8218 ext.106


Email: or

Purchasing/Production or Tel. 250-382-8218 ext.103


Sam Soliman:


975 Pandora Ave Victoria BC V8V 3P4

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Our web page is open throughout (24/7) for submissions of orders and estimate requests.

Our facility at 975 Pandora Ave is easily accessible with free parking in our lot and metered parking on the street. Our production people work all kinds of hours but customer service is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Drop in. We'd love to see you.

Our web site at is open 24/7 for {cms_selflink page='request-an-estimate' text='estimate requests'}, {cms_selflink page='contact-us' text='correspondence'}, {cms_selflink page='file-guidelines' text='technical information'} and {cms_selflink page='place-an-order' text='print orders'}.

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