Fine paper

Our ever-changing inventory includes a wide variety of laser-friendly paper.

All our in-house stocks are manufactured in North America and are chain of custody, forestry certified. Some have a percentage of recycled content up to 100%. We do not purchase or sell paper from offshore mills.

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Bond & Writing
Bond is the paper everyone uses in their copiers and laser printers.
It's cheap and cheerful and generally used for "informational" printing with no "wow effect". We carry an array of colours in 11 x 17 as well as 20lb and 24lb white in 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, 11 x 17 and 12 x 18, 100% recycled. Be a partner in sustaining our forests.

Writing grades are designed for letterhead, corporate identity programs, and office printers. They are made to perform equally well for a pen/pencil, offset or laser printing.
Higher grades are available with a watermark. They may also contain a percentage of cotton fiber which provides an elegant feel and added strength.

Uncoated book
These papers are uncoated (not glossy) with good internal bonding and high surface strength. These are workhorse papers, thicker and more opaque than 20lb bond, which print well on digital laser printers and offset printing presses. We carry various sizes of 70lb white in both virgin and 100% recycled.

Coated book
These are made like offset papers, but have a coating added to their surface.
We stock various sizes of 80lb and 100lb in both coated 'dull' and coated 'gloss'
coated 'dull' has a matte sheen, but when printed, the image takes on a glossy look.
Coated 'gloss' has a glossy finish.

Premium uncoated printing papers are available in an amazing array of colours and finishes. Text papers are lighter, 70lb or 80lb and used for reports, booklets, menus or brochures.
They are classified by finish and also by quality and cost. Finishes include smooth, natural (called vellum, wove or eggshell) or textured (felt, linen and many more).
We stock different weights and colours in various sizes, and many more are available from our suppliers.

Uncoated cover
Cover papers are heavy and strong for booklet covers, brochures and business cards. Generally more absorbent than a coated paper, like its namesake, uncoated paper does not have a coating. It is generally not as smooth as coated paper and tends to be more porous.
Uncoated cover is usually used to achieve a more elegant look. College and University booklets, real estate brochures and menus are generally printed on uncoated cover.
We stock various sizes and thicknesses of 10pt, 15pt up to 34pt.

Coated cover
Coated cover has a glossy or matte finish. They are generally smooth and shiny and result in brighter, vivid colour, therefore ideal for printing magazines, book covers, glossy photos and art books. Coating restricts ink absorbtion, enhancing the printed images. For business cards that are printed on coated cover, we generally use coated 1 sided cover (C1S), so the back of the card can be written on.
We stock various sizes of 10pt, 12pt, 14pt and 16pt thicknesses, both coated 1 side (C1S) and coated 2 sides (C2S).

We stock blank envelopes in many sizes.

Please note: For those who wish to use their own laser printers, we suggest that you test the feeding capabilities of your printer with some samples before purchasing.