Booklets, Twin Loop

Twin loop wire binding is one of the most elegant binding styles available and is popular with real estate offices, architects, engineers and marketing departments. The wire spines are available in black or white.

Twin-Loop-Binding (2)     Twin-Loop-Binding (1)

Common twin loop booklets:

  • Arts/Sports programs
  • Catalogs
  • Cookbooks
  • Reference material
  • Rosters
  • Calendars
  • Presentations
  • Proposals
  • Annuals


  • Unlike binding with plastic coils or cerlox, which can be removed and replaced by hand, twin loop wire requires specialized equipment to unbind and rebind, which makes them tamper resistant.
  • Lays flat when open and since the wire loops are parallel to one another, facing pages will align exactly. This is desirable if you have images in your book that extend across two pages like a large photo or a map. The pages can be also turned to the back of the book for ease of reference or when making notes.
  • Sophisticated and professional look that can't be matched by continuous plastic coil or Cerlox.
  • Can accommodate up to 500 numbered pages (250 sheets) using 1 1/4" spines.
  • Because the coil is made from coated metal, twin loop wires are extra strong and can stand up to years of use.
  • Even though there is no actual spine, one can be added for a visual when the book is in a bookshelf. Ask us how.
  • Unlike plastic coils or cerlox, twin loop wire binding is 100% recyclable.

Please note: If you wish to supply preprinted material for us to twin-loop bind, please keep the covers separate from the insides.


The coils do not have memory, so are susceptible to being crushed or distorted if abused. For booklets which will be subject to harsh physical use, we suggest spiro plastic binding.


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