Rigid Signs / Posters

Say goodbye to dry mounting and plastic laminating.

Enjoy the latest technology in rigid poster/sign printing with our new uv cured flatbed inkjet printer. It prints directly onto rigid material up to 4 feet x 8 feet in vivid colour plus white and spot gloss at an very high resolution, resulting in a resistance to fading from the stress of weather. Great for your pocketbook. Great for the environment.

In-house 'rigid' substrates:

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We understand that most people will not be able to decide which substrate to use based on the following list. We encourage you to chat with us so we can help you with the decision. There are many influencing factors, such as the mounting method, short or long term durability, indoor or outdoor usage, surface durability, rigidity, environmental impact, cost, etc.

  • 'Corrugated enviroboard' 3mm, paper based, rigid, 100% recyclable & 10% post consumer waste, indoor. ** Our most enviro friendly choice **
  • 'Foamboard, paper-based 5mm, 100% biodegradable core, recyclable, indoor, warp resistant, lightweight. Screw-in hangers available.
  • 'Foamboard, plastic-based 5mm, 100% biodegradable, recyclable, indoor/outdoor. High impact, warp resistant, lightweight, washable. Screw-in hangers available.
  • 'Hi impact polystyrene', choice of 3 thicknesses - .5mm (.020"), .76mm (.030") & 1mm (.040"), indoor/outdoor, impact resistant, bendable, rollable, washable.
  • 'PVC' 3mm closed-cell foamboard, recyclable, indoor/outdoor. Unbendable, durable (except can crack if abused, especially in extreme cold), washable.
  • 'Coroplast' plastic corrugated 4mm, recyclable, indoor/outdoor. Great for lawn signs. Durable, washable. It is the least expensive of the above but print quality will not be optimum.
  • 'Gatorfoam' wood fibre veneer 5mm, indoor. Great for long term signage. Very hard surface. Prints beautifully and will not delaminate or crush.


The prices above are for full colour printing on one side, which includes both a soft (PDF) and a hard copy proof from your supplied file. They also include "preflight" of your digital file, which ensures that there are no issues which will affect print quality.


Wide format printing - next day. If you need it faster, call us.

Fine print

The printing includes both a soft (PDF) and a hard copy proof from your supplied file. Modifications and/or additional proofs will be subject to extra charges. Taxes and delivery extra.

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